Transit Authority’s

transit-authoritys-celebration-of-the-nyc-subways-110-anniversary1transit-authoritys-celebration-of-the-nyc-subways-110-anniversary2transit-authoritys-celebration-of-the-nyc-subways-110-anniversary3transit-authoritys-celebration-of-the-nyc-subways-110-anniversary5transit-authoritys-celebration-of-the-nyc-subways-110-anniversary6Had a great time on the Transit Authority’s celebration of the NYC subway’s 110 anniversary! They took out the only set of what are known as the LO-V models and ran them on Sunday and today between 42nd and 96th Street on the Broadway line. Some of these cars where built as early as 1917 but still can keep up with the newest cars in the system. Just a few pictures to give you and idea what you missed.