The Trump Era Brings New Concerns to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

One of my favorite places to point out on my Lower East Side Tour is the Lower East Side Tenement Museum at 97 Orchid Street in Manhattan. It is dedicated to the immigrant experience in New York and not only the Jewish experience but other ethnic groups (Italians, Irish, Black, etc) that contributed to New York and the nation. However, since the election of Mr. Trump to the Presidency, an alarming increase in disgusting remarks have been heard from tour participants by tour guides of the museum. This was pointed out in an article by the Jewish Telegraph Agency in November of this year. In fact, the museum, sensing that this trend will continue if not grow, is giving added training to their tour guides on how to handle this.

These are not isolated incidents. Similar incidents are occurring all around the country. These is hurtful and scary especially with this occurring in a museum that celebrates are differences but yet how we all make this country what it is today. While I may not point this out on my tours, I now will be paying closer attention to my tour participants and wonder – How will I handle this?